Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Remembrance Day by Cliff Halls

Then a young man stepped out, of about the age of thirty-three, and he said, "Gentlemen of Switzerland, this day I'll give my life for Switzerland." They said, "Arnold Von Winkelried, what can you do against such a great host? He said, "Just beyond the mountain, I kissed my wife and three children good-bye. And there's a little white home, and they're standing in the doorway to watch for me to come home, but, I'll never see them again on this earth, for today I give my life for Switzerland”. They said, "What will you do, Mr. Arnold Von Winkelried?" He said, "You just follow me, and whatever you've got to fight with, fight with all that's in you." And he threw down what he had in his hand; he saw that great army coming on, and he looked it all over, until he found the very thickest of the spears. And as the story goes, he raised his hands and ran right towards the midst of the spears, screaming, "Make way for liberty." And he screamed again, "Make way for liberty." And he run right into the army, and he threw out his arms and got a whole armload of spears, and plunged them into his chest. Such a display of heroism, it routed the army, and those little Swiss men with sticks and stone, and sickle blades, routed that army out of their territory, and they haven't had a war since.

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